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'Property investment is a way of making your money work harder for you, so you don’t have to'

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At Alexandra Fern, property is our passion and educating others on how they can use it to make the most out of their money is the driving force behind what we do. As a business, we’ve set out to find the best value properties on the market and, by working together with private investors to fund the projects, we generate a return on their investment to suit them. 

Property investment offers a world of opportunities and, for us, it’s all about seeking the best properties on the market, enabling us to give them a little love by renovating them to a high standard, something that we'd like to live in ourselves. 

We want our buyers to be able to move in straight away and feel settled quickly, and for tenants to feel like they have a home to be proud of, despite not owning it themselves.

Ultimately, with quality refurb and renovation projects such as these, the potential rewards and outcomes are a win-win for all involved; investors, contractors and tenants alike.

Our business provides all the knowledge and know-how that you need to take the first steps towards successfully investing your money into property projects.

Dedicated, experienced and highly-driven; founder, Fern Roberts, has a background in project management, so has been able to transfer her skills and methods to effectively oversee each project from start to finish. Highly qualified in Agile Project Management and AMP Project Management, she’s turned her love for fixing and organising to property and has since been on the Progressive Property Masterclass and is part of the Progressive Property VIP Mentorship Programme.

Fern has been busy taking part in a ‘Buy to Sell’ training bootcamp and is currently securing a number of buy to let properties in Wales, which she’s looking forward to renovating and tenanting.

With a team of reliable contractors, the right investors and Fern’s vision, expertise and client-focused approach, we’re confident in our delivery of profitable and thriving property investment.

What are you wanting to get out of your money? If you have an amount sitting in your bank and you’re looking to capitalise it in the best way possible, then investing in property projects is a great place to start. We, at Alexandra Fern, are here to help you when it comes to adding value to your earnings and financing a project with us could be just the way to do it.

As a private investor, if you’re interested in funding a buy to let project in Wales, or joining other investors to fund buy to sell projects also known as flips or flipping in and around Peterborough, then please do get in touch for a no obligation chat.  

You can reap the benefits of the return on capital invested while we take care of all the hard work for you.

We’re here to help you find a way to financial freedom.

Everyone can buy property and make it work well for them, but we wanted to turned this into a lucrative longstanding business so we got ourselves educated. It's really opened our eyes to the art of the possible and who knew there could be so many different strategies to choose from! 

If you are interested in educating yourself further like us, maybe on a specific strategy, for example: Serviced Accommodation, HMO's, Commercial Conversions or even a savvy way to invest in Buy To Let properties, we can secure you some free tickets with our training partner who host a number of taster days which we think you'll really benefit from - we certainly did.

Please click on the following link, fill out the form and someone will be in touch to discuss your requirements

Interested in the training we've been on?
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